Tips To Make NextGen EMR Template Development Less Complicated

We get calls all the time from practices using NextGen EMR to help them modify templates. NextGen won’t like me saying this, but the perception out there is that it’s too complicated to modify Nextgen EMR templates and that small medical practices don’t have the resources or expertise to do meaningful and consistent nextgen template development.  FALSE.   All it takes is time, patience, and a passion to learn in order to acquire the skills necessary to modify nextgen emr templates.  Here are some quick tips that may sound obvious but are often overlooked.

Use NGTest.  Please don’t learn in a production environment.  Also, make sure NGTest has been recently copied from NGProd.

  • Master the NextGen template terminology and the NextGen template editor.

Do you know the differences between all the different types of templates? What’s a pop-up vs. and extended pop-up?  What’s a trigger?  Read the template documentation that NextGen provides.  Open the Help menu inside the template editor. Look at as many examples as you can.  Download our quick reference guide for NextGen template editor.

  • Work on a real problem.

Having the end in mind is a great way to learn. Start with a real template issue that’s happening and try to solve it.  Once you solve the issue, you’ll have elevated your skills a few notches and your providers will be happy.  Ultimately you will save them money.  Be careful! Once they learn you can make template changes, they will start asking for more.

  • Tinker with existing content.

NextGen has a content for over twenty specialties, out of the box.  Look at the existing template sets and see how they are set up.  Dig deep, look at the almost unlimited amount of triggers that exist.

  • Network with other NextGen users.

Attend the NextGen Users Group Meeting every November.  Join the NextGen Yahoo Discussion Group. Talk to other NextGen EMR developers that are all over the Internet, and many are very generous with their time.

Most of all, don’t give up!!  Feel free to contact anyone on our team at EMR Group and we wil be glad to assist if you are stuck and need some help.  We will give you a free hour of NextGen template training.

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  1. Mystic says:

    Thanks for the tips they are very helpful. Im very new to nextgen and will be attending nextgen development training soon. I would appreciate any suggestions on how I should begin learning or preparing for training. Any assistance is appreciated. Thx

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