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Black Friday Brings Major Increase In Fraud

Retailers are gearing up for the year's busiest shopping weekend, which runs from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, but another group is also gearing up. Scammers. Security experts are warning that retailers ...

3 Cyber Security Staff Training Tips

3 Helpful Tips For Training Your Staff in Cyber Security Cyber security is a mindset and the threats are increasing daily. The types of threats also change overnight. Educating your staff will go a long way to protecting your business ...

The Dirty Loophole That Lets Insurance Companies Refuse to Cover a Cybercrime Theft in Your Business

A s hacking hit the headlines in the last few years — most recently the global hack in May that targeted ...

Mac Thunderbolt Hack Could Leave Your Computer Vulnerable

Do you use any sort of Thunderbolt device on your Mac? If you do, and you haven’t been keeping your OS up to date, you’ll definitely want the latest security patch. Recently, ...

Google Creates New Operating System For Internet of Things

Google is about to change the game where the Internet of Things (IoT) is concerned. Recently, the company announced the release of Android Things, an operating system specifically designed for internet objects. ...

Update Flash Or Risk Vulnerability To Hackers

Yet more critical security flaws have been found in Adobe’s poor, beleaguered Flash Player. The company continues to fight gamely to keep pace, patching issues as quickly as they are found, but ...

One Billion Yahoo Accounts Were Breached

This is a world record, although the honor of holding it is a dubious one. Yahoo recently announced that it was the victim of the largest data breach of all time, in ...

New Version Of Android Trojan Can Take Photos And More

If you haven’t heard of a Trojan called Tordow, you probably will soon. Security researchers have been aware of it since February of this year, but recently, researchers from Comodo Security have ...

Problems Connecting To Internet? May Be A Windows 10 Issue

Microsoft made a mistake, and it could complicate your life. If you’ve got your computer set up to receive automatic updates, you may have suddenly found yourself unable to connect to the ...

Mac Users: Update Skype Now

If you use a Mac, and you have a Skype account, you could be at risk. A previously undiscovered backdoor was recently found by researchers at SpiderLabs that would allow any moderately ...


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