3 Helpful Tips For Training Your Staff in Cyber Security
Cyber security is a mindset and the threats are increasing daily. The types of threats also change overnight. Educating your staff will go a long way to protecting your business from a cyber attack. While no method of prevention is 100% foolproof in protecting your business, education is proving to have a huge impact on reducing the risk and damage of a cyber attack.

Here are 3 tips that you can use to train your staff on cyber security

1. Talk With The Team Regularly In Person and Via Email and Video

Consistent meeting and communication is key to keep security on everyone’s mind. Annual or even bi-annual training is just not enough to keep employees accountable. Employees will likely forget quickly. Everyone is busy! Regular training through meetings, emails, and video communication is key to educate on your staff cybersecurity.
In these messages, it’s important to define what a breach means to the company and ways that every employee can help prevent a breach. Meetings should be educational but not too much information that it becomes hard to digest.

2. Conduct Live Fire Exercises

Demonstrate how to spot an email phishing attack and social media communications. Many breaches occur due to human error such as opening a phishing email or clicking on a link on social media.
Test your team’s knowledge by sending fake phishing emails or by using social engineering. Keep track of how many employees click on that email or unwittingly give up information over the phone. Use the results of the testing to update your training and further educate the team. Conduct these types of exercises monthly.

3. Train Everyone

Training involves the entire staff from the CEO or business owner, to the IT staff. No one should be excluded. Business owners, and C level executives are often targeted because of their access to sensitive data. It’s also likely that cyber criminals can be targeting your business know who the executives are.