Our mission at EMR IT Solutions Group is to enable every medical practice or veterinary clinic to deliver the highest possible quality of care to their patients by enabling our customers to use information technology as a strategic tool for their businesses to achieve their goals.

Here’s why so many medical practices depend on EMR IT Solutions Group for complete IT services and support:

  • Dedication to the healthcare industry – EMR IT Solutions Group focuses only on helping medical practices and other healthcare businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency. We have certified staff in the following areas: HIPAA Security, Meaningful Use, NextGen EHR, Microsoft, Citrix, and VMWare.
  • Experience with over 20 unique medical specialties – EMR IT Solutions Group understands the nuances between medical specialties. We understand how the healthcare delivery and patient care business works therefore we are more able to make more informed business decisions quickly in line with the practice’s needs.
  • Continuous Dedication to Improvement – We understand that the IT world and the healthcare business changes rapidly. We are constantly updating our internal training and professional development programs to stay ahead of these changes. The result is that have been able to offer IT solutions that are in line with most practices needs.