Vet clinics and Animal Hospitals have different IT needs than a regular business and that is why it's important to choose an IT service provider that has proven experience serving animal care clinics, practices, and hospitals.

As your Veterinary business becomes more dependent on IT to achieve its goals, choosing the right partner to help you manage your IT infrastructure is critical.  At EMR IT Solutions Group, we will take care of your IT needs and headaches so that you can focus on your customers and their PETS!

What do you get when you choose  IT Services from EMR IT Solutions Group?

  • Proactive IT Care – EMR IT Solutions Group monitors your IT resources 24x7 and takes quick action to resolve IT issues before they become problems that destroy your productivity.
  • Guaranteed Response Time– EMR IT Solutions Group guarantees that a live human being answers your call during business hours and that our staff will address your issue either immediately or within 15 minutes.
  • Flat Rate Spending – EMR IT Solutions Group has several customizable Managed IT Service packages that include predictable, monthly pricing so that you can accurately budget your IT Support costs.